Medical Technologies and Equipment

Medical treatment in rehabilitation center “Ogonek” involves innovation, including authoring, rehabilitation techniques, unique, approved and already received well-deserved patients’ recognition health and rehabilitation programs and modern equipment for diagnosis and rehabilitation of movement disorders and pain.

Spa complex, swimming pool, lounge, spacious rooms and physiotherapy treatment rooms, equipped with all necessary specialized equipment, such as mud baths, rooms for treatment of the modified air-gas medium with the use of high-purity medical breathing mixtures on the basis of inert gases and oxygen, studies of manual therapy and massage, an orthopedic room – this is an incomplete list of functional units of Rehabilitation Center “Ogonek” treatment base.

Equipment of rehabilitation center allows experts to form an individual treatment programme for each patient based on a broad selection of advanced non-invasive (no surgery) technologies, which is used in the implementation of the equipment of leading domestic and international manufacturers, as well as hardware and software complexes, devices and trainers, developed by engineering and medical group Research and Production Center “Ogonek”.

During the treatment of various diseases associated with motor dysfunctions and pain, computer-based system for movement artificial correction in walking, cryo-local, oscillatory and high-tone therapy devices, computer-based biofeedback complexes, devices for magnetic-laser treatment, radial and focus extracorporal shock wave therapy (ESWT), etc. have been used successfully.

 Dynamic Proprioceptive Correction using the device “GRAVISTAT” / “GRAVITON» ®

The method of dynamic proprioceptive correction (DPC) has been developed at Russian Research and Methodological Center of Rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy at Scientific Center of Children’s Health  of Russian Medical Sciences Academy under the guidance of professor, honored scientist of Russia, K.A. Semenova, who proposed to use the astronaut suit “Penguin” for the development and recovery of voluntary movement among patients with cerebral palsy. The device “Penguin” of a child size has been called “the Adelie-92“. Experience in using “Adeli-92″ required a medical jumpsuit of next generation, especially for the rehabilitation of patients with cerebral palsy.

Reflex-loading device (RLDs) “Gravistat”/”Graviton» ® (Patent RF), developed by rehabilitation center “Ogonek” is a system of elastic straps counter-fixed in the front and in the rear parts of the body surface. The straps arranged along the body provide for a strictly dosed compressive loading acting on muscle antagonists of the body and those of the lower extremities. Besides, the rotation (“rotating”) elastic straps correct the position of the patient’s body locomotive segments. This causes a powerful information flow formed in the receptors of muscles, joints and ligaments to stream to the central nervous system and to form the tracing movement patterns there. Patient’s active movements promote that correct posture and physiologic forms of movement are fixed at the central nervous system level. Brain functional structures activity afferent correction provided by Graviton/Gravistat® brings essential improvements into brain functions in terms of motility, speech, emotion and cognition (mental power, memory).

Graviton/Gravistat® medical suit is assembled of components manufactured in series and individually selected for each patient in strict conformity with the task of correcting his pathologic posture.

Daily 1.5 hour private lessons using the suit “Gravistat” / “Graviton» ® by the child are carried out by an experienced methodist or an instructor of medical gymnastics in a specially equipped room. The course consists of 20 lessons.

Treatment by the DPC method with reflex-loading equipment “Gravistat” / “Graviton» ® is indicated in all clinical forms of cerebral palsy excluding double hemiplegia.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) System with the unit electromyographic analyzer is used quite broad: it’s topical diagnosis (detection level of damage to the nervous system) disorders of motor functions, and medication violations. TMS gives additional opportunities for treat patients with movement disorders, for whom methods of electrotherapy are prohibited.

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT, the radial and focal) nowadays is being recognized as one of the most effective treatments for various diseases of musculoskeletal system, accompanied by pain. Mechanical wave is used as a therapeutic factor, which has a powerful energy resource. ESWT has been used successfully in the treatment of Heel Spurs (plantar fasciitis), achillodynia,  various myofascial pain syndromes, patella tendinitis, shoulder tendinitis, achilles tendinitis, pseudoarthrosis, stress fractures and shoulder calcification and other common diseases of the locomotor-system.

Electro Therapy involves the use of specially designed programs at the same time (or a combination of simultaneous and implemented in a certain sequence in a single session treatment) to effect on several therapeutic factors (currents with different pulse shape, the negative pressure, laser, ultrasound etc.). Therapeutic effects of such a resource are usually much greater than the impact of consistent application of the same physical medical factors. The devices of combined therapy have been successfully used primarily for the treatment for pain syndromes in inflammatory processes of different localization.

Artificial correction of movements

In the literature there are different names for one and the same method: artificial correction of movements (ACM), functional (phase) electrical stimulation of the muscles during walking (FES), a programmable multi-channel electrical stimulation (PMES) of muscles during walking. In our country professor A. S. Vitenzon led the development of technology. The method is based on the principle of muscles management by electrical stimulation of low-frequency pulsed current at the appointed phases of the patient walking process. Stimulation is performed in strict time accordance with the natural  muscles work in the walking process, incorrectly performed movements are being adjusted, gradually the stereotype of walking close to normal is produced. In a relatively short period of time (10-15 procedures) ACMs can significantly reduce the deficit in muscle function.

The use of ACMs is limited by the same contraindications as for other types of electrotherapy.

Local Cryo Therapy (cold therapy) – is a harmless and not expensive kind of treatment for pain in the joints, limbs, spine (scoliosis, arthritis, joint injuries, spondylarthrosis, low back pain, etc.). Short-term local effects of low temperatures (before -60°C) on the soft tissues reduces symptoms of inflammation such as pain and swelling, improves local blood circulation significantly.

 Transcranial and Transvertebral Mikropolarization – the impact of a weak constant current to the scalp areas, which are a projection of certain cortical structures or areas of skin projections of the spinal cord segments to directional changes in the functional state of the central nervous system formations. Current parameters during transcranial mikropolarization usually stay within tens or hundreds of mkA, which is much smaller than used in conventional physiotherapy. The direction of effect provided by the use of small areas of the electrodes (about 300 square millimeters) and their location. Mikropolarization improves cognitive brain functions, attention span, memory, vision, and emotional state of patients, normalizes a sleep, contributes to the development of motor skills and speech functions.

Photodynamic Therapy of joints – is a local therapy for osteoarthritis, arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, and others with the use gel-type photosensitizer chlorine and high-intensity light of a specific wavelength (laser beam). As a result of photochemical reaction, photosensitizer produces reactive oxygen species, which destroys abnormal cells and inflammatory microflora.

Oscillatory Therapy Hivamat (multipurpose hardware electromassage) is so-called “tissue hand mobile technology of lymphatic drainage.” Under the influence of electrostatic field a deep massage of soft tissues and internal organs is made with manual exposure by applicator, using the effect of the oscillations and kneading tissues. The application of oscillatory therapy provides anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, improves regional circulation, nutrition and lymphatic drainage of tissues. One of the advantages of this method is its high harmlessness, as evidenced by the widespread use of technology Hivamat in the acute phase of an injury and in the early postoperative period, in the treatment for open wounds and burn surfaces, treatment for pain of various origins, including those due to cancer.

High Tone Therapy – A new method of electrotherapy based on the application of sinusoidal electric current of high frequency (4-32 kHz). Therapeutic effect is provided by smoothly varying high-frequency electrical signal which is modulated by a low-frequency oscilations. This method is called SimulFAM – simultaneous frequency and amplitude modulation. Hi-top technology ensures energy support and the activation of cellular vital functions of the human body (the effect of general health improvement and renovation, so-called “vitalization”). Within this method the amount of energy supplied to the tissues of the patient during therapy sessions increases in proportion to increasing the applied frequency. In addition, frequencies of the oscillations provoke the resonance of the molecular and cellular structures, which furthers to enhance of the metabolic processes and reduction of pain syndrome.

Postural Mechanical Stimulation Therapy. The dosage vibratory stimulation of the human body (postural mechanical stimulation) is a method of the biological activity stimulation of the organism of athletes and individuals of extreme professions, adapted to the regenerative treatment of children with central nervous system and musculoskeletal system disorder. Method has been successfully used during the training of professional athletes, astronauts, divers and others and is based on a holistic impact on the quality of the motor act of simultaneous exposure of the active muscle contraction (exercise) and mechanical stimulation of working in different physiological modes of the muscles. With the simultaneous effects of dosage and the active muscle vibration (mainly static, ie, long-term, but a little on the intensity of muscle contraction) of the stimulated muscles information flow that is characteristic of the more powerful and prolonged muscle contraction is received to the structures of the central nervous system. This information can purposefully change throughout the chain of command physical activity. To achieve the desired physiological effects, such as increased resistance to stress, physical activity, adaptive resource expansion, improvement of muscle power and normalization of muscle tone, the method of generation and characteristics of the mechanical vibrations is very useful. The method has been used successfully in the rehabilitation center “Ogonek” (as indicated) in a comprehensive program of rehabilitation of children with different clinical forms of cerebral palsy..