How can you get a treatment in the Rehabilitation Center

The duration of treatment for a patient with cerebral palsy in the rehabilitation center “Ogonek” is 26 calendar days. Children are admitted for permanent stay treatment in a rehabilitation center accompanied by attendant (usually – mother of the child). During this period, a physiotherapist holds 20 individual sessions with the child in the reflex-loading device “Graviton”, as well as applies various kinds of electrophysical modalities and auxiliary techniques in the program, individually prepared for each patient. In the evening attendant has the opportunity to have additional exercises with a child in a specially equipped room by oneself under the supervision of a physiotherapist.

To apply for the treatment at the rehabilitation center “Ogonek” the following documents should be sent to our e-mail:

–          Extract from medical report with a description of the patient motor skills,

–          X-ray of hip joints in ventrodorsal projection (prescription picture – less than 1 year),

–          Description of the electroencephalogram (prescription – less than 3 months),

–          Contacts.

In case of additional questions, please call +7 (499) 202 02 40, +7 (499) 203 48 82 .

If the treatments applied in the RC “Ogonek” are not contraindicated for your child, we’ll contact you to determine the date of your treatment course.

For the treatment it is necessary to have the following medical records:

1) Extract from medical report;

2) Electroencephalogram (prescription – less than 3 months);

3) Electrocardiogram (prescription – less than 1 month);

4) X-ray of hip joints in the ventrodorsal projection (prescription – less than 1 year);

5) The medical certificate of the absence of contact with infectious patients (prescription – up to 5 days);

6) Blood tests and urinalysis – less than 1 month.;

7) Helminthes tests- up to 14 days;

8) Enterobiasis Test – up to 14 days;

9) Analysis of Corynebacterium diphtheriae – up to 7 days;

10) Information on vaccination;

11) Pediatrician’s conclusion about the state of health;

12) Check up of the eye fundus – up to 30 days.

Accompanying person (for inpatients)

1) Analysis of Corynebacterium diphtheriae – up to 7 days;

2) The therapist’s conclusion – up to 10 days.

NB! Wheelchair users should have indoor and outdoor wheelchair.

During the treatment the following items are required:

1) light tracksuit made of natural fabrics;

2) cotton shirt with short sleeves;

3) socks large size with a weak rubber band;

4) sheet for massage;

5) all orthotics, used by a child.

The following is required for Sunday classes in art therapy:

1) colored paper;

2) colored cardboard;

3) PVA glue;

4) children’s scissors with rounded tips;

5) Paint brush (№ 6-8)..