Published Works


Space technology application for patients with congenital and acquired central nervous system diseases  rehabilitation Grigoriev A., Kozlovskaja I., Semionova Ks., Voronov A., Kurenkov A., Sokolov P.,   Semionov A., Titarenko N. Scientific Child Health Center of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, … Read more


MODERN NON-INVASIVE METHODS IN THE DIAGNOSTICS, EXPERTISE AND REHABILITATION OF CEREBRAL PALSY PATIENTS Titarenko N.J., Voronov A.V., Semenova K.A. “Ogonek” Research-and-Production Centre, SCHC RAMS, Moscow The “Gravistat” reflex-loading device is used for regenerative treatment of cerebral palsy (CP) patients is … Read more


Rehabilitation of Children Suffering from Congenital Malformations of Vertebral Column and Spinal Cord N.Yu. Titarenko, M.V. Dvorovoy, V.I. Shchelchkova  Scientific Production Center “Ogonyok”, Moscow A common term “spinal dysraphism” (from Latin raphe – a stitch) is used to define all … Read more