Introduction to Rehabilitation Center

Rehabilitation Center “Ogonek” is a modern medical facility with neuro-orthopedic profile, located in 40 kilometers from Moscow in the town Elektrostal. The center was opened in 2003 as the part of Scientific-Production Association “Ogonek” which is involved in various aspects of rehabilitation of persons with dysfunction of the musculoskeletal system for more than 20 years. Ogonek is considered as the leader in national rehabilitation industry.

In the basis of the architectural decisions and interior design of the center is based on the idea of positivism, aimed to motivate patients’ attitude to achieve positive results. Cheerful colors of the décor, adapted home environment, the functionality of the space are important factors in the success of medical and social rehabilitation. On the ground floor of a two-story center building located reception offices with specialists, the alpha-capsule, a room of therapy medicinal mixtures based on high-purity medical gases, a room of mechanical massage, balneological department, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy (swimming pool, spa). At the same place there is a cozy cafe, where the meals for patients and accompanying persons are organized. The menu is tailored according to the wishes, age and individual peculiarities of visitors and will pleasantly surprise by its diversity. In addition, the color and original decorating techniques help to ensure that young patients had their meal with appetite and were in a good mood.

On the second floor the halochamber, physiotherapy rooms, a hall of kinesitherapy, equipped with the necessary equipment for the physiotherapy sessions, as well as a hall with an integrated gaming environment for the development of motor and cognitive functions of children with disabilities are situated. There is a comfortable two-and four-bed rooms to accommodate patients and their relatives. Every room is equipped with TV, refrigerator and bathroom, fully equipped for a stay of patients with disabilities. The atmosphere of comfort, cleanliness and coziness, which is everywhere, helps children to get the proper rest between the procedures, during the daytime and nighttime sleep. Scientific and methodological basis of the rehabilitation center “Ogonek” includes modern techniques of treatment of cerebral palsy, the effects of traumatic brain injuries, and congenital anomalies of the central nervous system. In addition to the stationary treatment of these patients, doctors accept children and adults in the surrounding areas of Moscow region with various diseases of the nervous and musculoskeletal systems, such as scoliosis, osteochondrosis, arthritis and others. Because the center is a part of the scientific production association, the therapeutic process is based on high-tech methods of rehabilitation. That is what distinguishes “Ogonek” from other hospitals, both in Russia and abroad. High innovation component let the treatment be highly efficient: after a rehabilitation course, each patient gets new motor skills and self-service skills.

Good results after the treatment, bserved not only by the parents of children but also by specialists, are explained by the following: the Scientific-Production Association “Ogonek” has an experience in various aspects of rehabilitation of patients with movement disorders for more than 20 years. The outcome of work for many years was the creation of a comprehensive rehabilitation of patients with orthopedic and neurological pathology. The system is based on the method of dynamic proprioceptive correction by using of reflex-load device “Graviton”. The device was developed in the late 90-ies in Scientific Production Center “Ogonek” and is now widely implemented to the practice of rehabilitation facilities, both in Russia and abroad. In fact, “Graviton” is a special orthopedic and neurological apparatus which is selected and placed on a patient’s body individually. The patient wearing the device “Graviton” under the leadership of physiotherapists routinely perform certain set of exercises designed to build a new, mostly close to normal, motor stereotype. High variability of use of costume’s various elements allows you to adjust the pose and position of individual body segments, dosing and redistributing the load among different groups of muscles that provide rehabilitators additional opportunities in the choice of rehabilitation tactics.

In addition to the basic method, the specialists of center use a range of techniques that complement and reinforce the mechanism of action suits, such as different types of biofeedback. These programs are very popular among children, because they let improve motor coordination and balance, to train individual muscles and muscle groups, increase range of motion in various joints in a game situation. The complexes of biofeedback promote active connection of patient’s consciousness to control motor functions that increase the motivation of patient in the rehabilitation process.

Another modern method that is used in the center “Ogonek” is an artificial correction of movements by functional electromyostimulation during the walking process. It is based on the principle of muscle management through stimulation with an electric current, which happens at the exact same time as the natural excitation and contraction of muscles during walking, which leads to correction of incorrectly performed movements. In addition to artificial correction of movements such methods of stimulus effects as phase vibration and electrical stimulation of muscles of the foot and ankle are used, which are also designed by the specialists of scientific production association “Ogonek”. Used in complex of rehabilitation activities transcranial and transvertebral micropolarization and transcranial electrotherapy with biofeedback according to the parameters of the electroencephalogram aimed at improving the cognitive functions of the brain, intellect, memory, vision, and emotional state of patients, and normalize the processes of sleep, contribute to the development of movements and speech functions.

It is very difficult to enumerate all the methods available at “Ogonek”. The specialists of the center are constantly expanding scientific and methodological basis, accumulating the recent developments not only in domestic but also in foreign science and technology. Thus, in addition to traditional methods of treatment, such as laser therapy, magnetic therapy, kriokontrast, massage, chiropractic, etc., the innovative technologies have become increasingly popular, such as the shock wave and oscillatory therapy. In addition, a recent comprehensive system of intensive rehabilitation has been integrated into one of the latest developments of specialist association – a simulator that implements the method of stimulation of biological activity on the basis of vibration exposure, the first results of which indicate the beginning of a new trend in rehabilitation of patients with cerebral palsy.

The main task center’s specialists see in application of an integrated approach to solve the problems of people with disabilities. Admitted for treatment to “Ogonek”, every patient, in addition to rehabilitation therapy, receives the required set of orthotics. Here, for people with disabilities specialists find and manufacture devices, such as braces, corsets, apparatus, individual insoles etc. Orthopedic correction is an indispensable element of rehabilitation measures. Regarding this, there should be mentioned about the latest development of engineers and medical associations – the device for disposal and installation of the hips in right position. The problem of the femoral head centering in acetabulum is highly relevant in spastic paralysis in children. On one hand, they were significantly more likely than in the population, revealed prosthetic hip joint pathology. Spasticity of adductor thigh promotes the formation of spastic subluxation and even luxation of the hip, which highly reduces the patient’s rehabilitation potential. On the other hand, the most effective kinesitherapy aimed to correct motor disorders and the formation of new motor skills involve the application of axial load (along the long axis of the body), which increases the risk of spastic hip subluxation. The new device helps to ensure patients with CP the each femoral head ctyntring in the acetabulum separately, the principle of dynamic orthosis, correct lead, and pronatsionnyh pronatsionno-leading facilities thighs. There is no limitation of movement while sitting, standing and walking, which certainly enhances the rehabilitative treatment of patients with spastic paralysis. It also increases the rehabilitation potential and improves the quality of life.

It should be mentioned that the scientific approach to solve problems of restorative treatment is a hallmark of this institution. Doctors in the center strictly adhere to the principles of evidence-based medicine, so that the effectiveness of rehabilitation actions has been confirmed by objective indicators. Therefore, for each patient at the beginning and at the end of treatment the videography is conducted, and in some cases biomechanical studies with complex video analysis of movements are conducted as well. The latter is also is an innovation of research and production center “Ogonek” and now are widely used in practice of the specialized agencies of our country and neighboring countries. But perhaps the main feature of rehabilitation, established in “Ogonek” is the stability of results that were achieved, provided that the child strictly follows the recommendations and train with his parents at home according to the individual rehabilitation program. In general, parents’ role in the success of rehabilitation can not be overestimated. Disabled child – is the central link, around which the structure of family relationships with the outside world and its social environment is built. The more active parents’ position, the more precisely they understand the strategic objectives and tactical goals, the greater the impact of rehabilitation. Relatives must remember that throughout the growth and maturing a child with disabilities need their support, which is primarily expressed in daily activities aimed to develop his motor activity. Therefore, the specialists in Ogonek pay so much attention to the work with parents who are going to train with their children at home. Daily, under the guidance of physiotherapists they are training at the gym, learning the basics of gymnastics and how to cope with rehabilitation equipment and means of orthopedics. These classes are a mandatory element of rehabilitation process.

In order to get the rehabilitation in “Ogonek”, you can call to Moscow (499) 202-02-40, 203-48-82, 204-06-89 or send an e-mail to  or, giving your contact information. After, the consultation of experts to evaluate the patient’s rehabilitation potential and to develop an optimal rehabilitation program is appointed. In the framework of rehabilitation orthopedic systems and equipment are selected for the patient.

Duration of one rehabilitation course is 26 calendar days. For the treatment patients accompanied by one member of their family are admitted..